What we do

What we do

Through nation-wide networking, CLAIM works to strengthen civil-society actors. Through information exchange and preventative advocacy, we counteract Islamophobic activities that endanger the common good of the people in Germany and across Europe.

We currently connect and support 47 organisations dedicated to opposing Islamophobia, Muslimophobia and anti-Muslim racism. CLAIM was founded as a network in Germany in October 2017.

We put effective structures in place that promote professional exchange and cooperation in Germany and across Europe, and support organisations and projects to further build their capacity along these areas.

Through joint campaigns, we create nationwide and pan-European visibility of Islamophobic, anti-Muslim and racist tendencies and their negative impacts. We coordinate the Anti-Muslim Racism Day every 1 July, pool the activities taking place in various cities, and make them visible to the entire country.

Through publications, conferences and working groups, we offer scientific and practical impetus and put issues on the agenda that rarely get discussed.

CLAIM works to reduce the number of cases of assault and discrimination motivated by Islamophobia in Germany and across Europe, not only to help those affected, but to influence civil-society actors vis-à-vis political decision-makers.

As representatives for the concerns of the organisations and affected parties, we speak with policy makers with a view to raising their attention and engagement on crucial issues.