Who we are

Who we are

Racism and discrimination are not a minority problem, but a threat to our social cohesion as a whole.

With CLAIM, we work on this growing problem that affects all areas of society. We counter developments jeopardising the common good in Germany and Europe with a two-pronged approach of informing and preventing. We forge a broad social alliance opposing the marginalisation of Muslims, intolerance, discrimination, Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate.

To this end, we cite best practices, develop solutions and focus on:

  • networking national organisations and projects actively engaged with these issues;
  • conveying the interests and perspectives of those affected vis-à-vis political decision-makers;
  • symposiums and publications in order to enrich the debate and provide impetus;
  • campaigns aimed at raising awareness for the problems.

Our expert committee comprising academics and practitioners supports the ideas of CLAIM and advises their employees and group of delegates. The committee works in close cooperation to confer with CLAIM on subject-related matters and issue-based questions and advises on the direction and focus that the alliance could take. The body convenes twice a year and excels in its broad-ranging expertise in the areas of Islamophobia, anti-Muslim racism and anti-Muslim hate:

  • Prof. Iman Attia (Professor for Critical Diversity Studies / Racism and Migration at Alice Salomon Hochschule, Berlin)
  • Daniel Bax (Spokesman for the DeZIM-Institut)
  • Engin Karahan (Political consultant and member of the advisory board of the Alhambra Gesellschaft)
  • Lydia Nofal (Project manager at Inssan e.V.)
  • Prof. Dr. Werner Schiffauer (Senior Scholar of the Europa Universität Viadrina, former chairman of the Rat für Migration)
  • Aliyeh Yegane (Division manager of protection against discrimination in schools at LIFE e.V.)

The group of delegates at CLAIM comprises representatives of the members of the alliance. Throughout the year, the members of the delegated group support the work undertaken by CLAIM as this relates to the planning and implementation of activities. They convene twice a year: