Nine colleagues are currently working in our Berlin office:

  • Rima Hanano

    Project Director

    Rima Hanano steers CLAIM’s work in terms of content and strategy. She is also responsible for overall strategic communications and coordinates our advocacy work. She has been working in the NGO sector for more than fifteen years and has been part of CLAIM’s team since its launch. The issues of Islamophobia, Muslimophobia and anti-Muslim racism have been her focus for many years.

  • Fatih Abay

    Research Associate

    Fatih Abay is a cultural anthropologist and research associate at CLAIM. His research interests include the politics of religion and migration in Europe, secularism, critical and postcolonial theory, gender issues, and Islamic movements in Europe. He has held numerous seminars and lectures as a research associate at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) and as a lecturer, including at the Free University of Berlin and the Humboldt University of Berlin. At CLAIM he is responsible for the scientific orientation and the scientific transfer to politics and civil society.

  • Nadine Al-Khafagi

    Junior Network Manager

    Nadine Al-Khafagi studied Islamic Studies and Jewish Studies in Freiburg. Before working for CLAIM, she was part of an adult education project that worked intensively with different mosque communities in Germany. She has experience in working with Muslim organizations and supports the CLAIM team as a junior network manager.

  • Hanna Attar

    Project Manager I Report

    Hanna Attar studied Islamic Studies and Religions, Dialogue and Education in Hamburg. From 2015 to 2019, she managed the project „Nicht in meinem Namen! Gemeinsam gegen Diskriminierung, antimuslimischen Rassismus“. At CLAIM, she is responsible for the project I Report.

  • Jessica Bajinski

    Network Manager

    Jessica Bajinski manages the CLAIM Alliance network and develops it strategically. She always has an open ear for the concerns of the Alliance members and project partners. After a gap year in Palestine, Jessica studied Islamic Studies and European Studies in Berlin, Frankfurt/Oder and Istanbul. She worked at the Junge Islam Konferenz (Young Islam Conference) for 8 years, most recently coordinating its nationwide network.

  • Rojda Kızılpınar

    Student Assistant

    Rojda Kızılpınar supports the team in the areas of public relations and event management, among others. In addition to her freelance work as an anti-discrimination trainer, she is currently completing her master’s degree in political science at the University of Kassel.

  • Sara Nunes Schwarz

    Finances and Coordination

    Sara Nunes Schwarz is responsible for finance and the coordination of human resources and processes at CLAIM. Previously, she worked in the music industry for several years. During this time, she gained a wide range of experience in the areas of process optimization, business analysis, controlling and grant management. In her MBA studies she additionally specialized in Islamic Finance and Data Analysis. Currently she is learning the Arabic language.

  • Barbara Singh

    Communications Manager

    Barbara Singh manages the press and public relations at CLAIM and informs the digital community about current events and topics on anti-Muslim racism. A particular focus of her communication studies at the TU Dresden was the framing of conflicts. Before joining CLAIM, she worked as a research assistant at BQN Berlin e. V. and helped to open up Berlin’s administration to young people with a migration history and to create more discrimination-free spaces.

  • Elisabeth Walser

    Project Manager for community-based monitoring

    Elisabeth Walser is responsible for the community-based monitoring project. She studied social anthropology with a focus on critical racism studies, queer feminist theories and decolonial theories at the University of Sussex. Before joining CLAIM, she steered the work of Dokustelle Islamfeindlichkeit und Antimuslimischer Rassismus Österreich. She was particularly concerned with making institutional racism visible and strengthening civil society alliances. Prior to that, as a research assistant at the European Network Against Racism, she supported the implementation of a study on racist police violence and its advocacy work at the EU level. For several years Elisabeth Walser has been active in anti-racist and feminist groups.