SAME? DIFFERENT? EQUAL! – Celebrate Diversity!

SAME? DIFFERENT? EQUAL! – Celebrate Diversity!

Stiftung Wannsee Forum

16. November 2020


Kategorie: Konferenz

The EUROPEANS FOR PEACE program turns 15 this year. To celebrate, we invite you to join us for an exciting youth conference developed especially for the online space! With workshops hosted by experts who champion human rights, theme-based games, and interactive tools, we will be networking and debating concepts for a society where everyone is treated fairly and equally.

The concept of diversity sees society in its plurality as positive and enriching. The aim is to understand differences as strengths – as social and cultural resources – and thus as a potential for creativity. Diversity views each individual as unique while also recognizing individual differences along the dimensions of race, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities, socio-economic status, and religious beliefs.

But to what extent is the concept of diversity mainstreamed in European society and between us citizens? Back in 2015, the United Nations adopted the so-called Education Agenda 2030. This Agenda obligates each nation to develop inclusive and diversity-oriented educational opportunities, to minimize barriers, and to ensure easier access for all people. But what does this look like in reality?

During the online conference we will look at our own experiences, knowledge, and privileges. We will learn about concepts such as power and intersectional justice in order to check our status and group affiliations. Reflecting on these aspects in a critical way means identifying whose voices are heard or whose are silenced, who is allowed to present her*himself or who is only represented, and asking how individuals can achieve self-empowerment.

A shared exchange and the acceptance of inclusive and diverse approaches are a central part of the online sessions and comfort breaks. Young people with different backgrounds will connect and work together to develop a critical attitude and translate this knowledge into social commitment on the ground in the future. By doing so, we take action against racism, antisemitism, and other forms of discrimination.

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